Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cartesian Graphing

Currently, Cartesian graphing mode will only graph an equation if it is able to solve for x or y.  This works fairly well, since we are able to graph many different functions including conic sections.  However, things like sin(x)=cos(y) will not be drawn completely (since it will solve for y, and end up graphing y=arccos(sin(x))  ) and xy>0 will not be drawn at all.

 In the next update, the current Cartesian mode will be called "Fast Cartesian" and a new "All Cartesian" mode will be added.  Only the paid version will have the "All Cartesian" mode.  In this new mode, all equations will be graphed.  However, this mode will be slower at drawing equations (which is why the other mode will be called Fast Cartesian).  It will also not have as many readings available to view and you will not be able to view these equations in table format.  For these reasons the old Cartesian mode should be used unless the equation is not able to be drawn in the old mode.

Here are some examples of the new All Cartesian mode.



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