Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Graph Save/Recall

For the next release, I am working on adding save/recall to graphs.  When you save a graph, the equations, reading, and bounds will be saved.  You can then recall the graph at a later time to reference it.  You will also be able to transfer saved graph files between devices.  Once I get it added I will post some screenshots.

In the last update, I added translations for German.  This is the first language I translated to the app to (previously it was only available in English).  In future updates I will be translating the app to more languages.  A consequence of this is that every time I update the app, I will have to translate anything new added.  This adds extra work to each update.  Therefore, future updates will be less frequent, but there will likely be more features added in each update.  Expect at least a month or two between updates that add new features.  If necessary there will be some smaller updates in between that fix bugs.

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