Monday, February 18, 2013

Basic text entry

The next update will include an option for "Basic text entry".  What does that mean?  Well currently expressions are formatted as you enter them.  Division is shown with a horizontal bar separating the dividend and divisor, and exponents are displayed in the superscript position.  This is similar the the way you would write down the expressions on paper.  However, not everyone may prefer this input method, especially if you are using a physical keyboard.

The basic text entry will act more like a text box for entry.  Division will use the '/' character and exponents will use the '^' character.  In addition, when in basic text entry you will be able to paste expressions from the android clipboard.  For example, if you see the expression sin(pi/2)^2 in another android app, you can copy it from that app and paste it into our calculator (you can only paste it if you are in basic text entry mode) to execute down.

Results will always be displayed in the current formatted way.  Another addition to the update, is anytime you copy the formatted result, it will be placed in the android clipboard as text.  This way you can copy results into other apps.

More information about this new entry will be posted in a tutorial on the website when the update it released.

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