Monday, October 1, 2012


The small release that was supposed to happen this weekend started growing to where it wasn't so small anymore.  I wanted to add a setting to change the base (to binary, hexadecimal, etc).  This ended up taking a lot longer to put in than I expected.  I am also still working on going through things and making minor changes to polish things up.  

I have decided that due to some of the changes I am making to the UI, I should update all of the tutorials before I release, so I can publish the new tutorials when the next release comes out.  This way if there is any confusion on the changes someone can reference the updated tutorials.  Because of all this, I am now not expecting everything to be ready for the next release until at least next weekend.  It could easily be more than a week away since I will be busy for most of next weekend and won't have much time to work on it then.

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